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Facial Recognition Software

Search one billion face
templates in under a second.
Sign up customers with ease.

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Our algorithm, with a false match
rate of less than 1 in 1,000,000,
reduces ID theft and fraud.

Authentication by facial recognition concept. Biometric admittance control device for security system. Asian man using face scanner to unlock glass door in office building.
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The most non-biased algorithm
available with support for over 11K types of ID documents globally.

With 300+ million annual verifications, our US designed algorithm provides speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Eye-C offers a single verified and
reusable customer identity with
unlimited re-verifications.

100% compatible on all major web browsers, operating systems and camera types.

Eye-C delivers real-time and retrospective video analytics for facial recognition on fixed and mobile cameras

Male Officer Works on a Computer with Surveillance CCTV Video in a Harbour Monitoring Center with Multiple Cameras on a Big Digital Screen. Employee Uses Radio to Give an Order or Report.

Trusted by the US Department
of Defence, Law Enforcement
Agencies and Fortune 500’s.

Facial recognition system. Woman with scanner frame and digital biometric grid outdoors

Our software maintains accuracy
and compliance with data privacy laws and regulations.

People withdraw money automatic teller machine with CCTV camera.

Try the All-in-One face
recognition system that’s
user-friendly and integratable.

Eye-C is the simple solution to integrating object and person recognition into your organisation. Get in touch with our agent now and see how simple it is to make Eye-C part of your business processes.

Our algorithm performed 20% better than the next best algorithm.
Read the latest update about the NIST quarterly results.