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How facial recognition is boosting the Travel & Tourism Industry – Part 2

Facial Analytics in travel and tourism is a powerful tool that allows businesses to identify opportunities to customise their offerings. Read on to find out how it is changing the face of travel.

How facial recognition can boost the way the Travel & Tourism Industry operates

How to use facial recognition technology in your Travel and Tourism Business. Read on to find out how it is changing the face of travel.

eKYC is pivotal to digital banking. But what is it and how does it work?

eKYC is the acronym for Electronic Know Your Customer. We are told how important it is to ‘know your customer’ in terms of customer relations, but what we are talking about here is something completely different. Find out how to implement eKYC for your business and customers now by requesting a demo from our team. …

5 Positive ways our face recognition solution helps retail stores

Violence prevention is one of the strongest factors listed for numerous retail stores investing in face recognition. It has been adopted to step up crime prevention and shrink the violence that crime is an adverse side effect of. But what purposes do retail stores use face recognition for? Retail Analytics – this is the tracking …

What is your top benefit with Face Recognition software?

You already know the role that Face Recognition plays in doing your job effectively. Whether you are a retail marketer, a finance and investment broker, a security company, a city officer, a policeman, a crypto wizard or a smart object manufacturer; there are so many applications that use facial recognition to authenticate and track patterns. …