5 Positive ways our face recognition solution helps retail stores

Violence prevention is one of the strongest factors listed for numerous retail stores investing in face recognition. It has been adopted to step up crime prevention and shrink the violence that crime is an adverse side effect of.

But what purposes do retail stores use face recognition for?

  • Retail Analytics – this is the tracking of foot traffic, the average shopping time of a customer, the busiest hours and customer demographics, customer experience.
  • Health Management – health kiosks to check temperatures, mask wearing monitoring.
  • VIP and Loyalty Programmes – personalised VIP and loyalty programmes paired with CRM systems.
  • Security and Loss Prevention – ID repeat theft offenders, securing restricted areas.
  • Time and Attendance Systems – accurate time keeping, health checks.
  • Payment Systems – POS using face recognition to authenticate customers and authorise payments.

Changing consumer expectations, combined with the pandemic and evolving technology has sped up the adoption of facial recognition, gaining attention as a holistic solution that provides retailers health and safety functions, store security, VIP/loyalty programme enhancements, contactless payment options, and valuable customer analytics.

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This “Smart retail” refers to the use of these technologies to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, make informed decisions, and increase your sales opportunities.

5 Ways that our face recognition solution helps retails stores

There are a few practical ways that face recognition can help you as a retail store. These are as follows:

  1. Prevention is better (and quicker) than crime solving.
  2. ROI gains.
  3. Safety first.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Network multiplier.

Prevention is better (and quicker) than crime solving

Face recognition offers the opportunity that no other retail security technology can – the chance to prevent a crime before it even happens. When an identified retail offender enters the store, staff can be alerted. It has been proven that offering customer service to individuals can diffuse the situation and potentially prevent a crime from occurring.

Return on Investment Gains

This technology offers a visible and effective return on investment. It will begin to pay for itself from installation. The moment the database can be accessed, potential crimes can be avoided by identifying dishonest customers and alerting staff to be aware. A staff member can receive a notification and can be empowered to prevent a crime from happening. This system can quickly and effectively impact external shrink, rendering it effective as soon as it is operational.

Safety first

It seems that there is a relation between theft prevention and violence prevention. This makes sense when one considers that violent incidents regularly occur after the theft of merchandise takes place. Staff can often deter these individuals from stealing by monitoring with face recognition technology and offering them persistent customer service. This has been shown to reduce violent incidents markedly.

Retails shopping experience

Easy to use

Our solution is nimble, has the smallest memory footprint and is cross-platform compatible, and will work on all major web browsers and operating systems, including mobile and embedded. All this, and it is simple to operate. Ease of use means our customers know they can rely on it to be used well as an effective solution for their retail security.

Network multiplier

Retail offenders have been shown to attempt theft at multiple locations within the same brand.

Facial recognition can aid retail stores in producing a threat intelligence network across chains of stores. By easily sharing data across varying locations, facial recognition provides retailers with the opportunity to counter shrink reduction.

Retailers have the opportunity to aid faster, seamless transactions, create better customer interactions and experiences with better analytics, manage employee time and attendance, provide hyper levels of personalisation and ensure a safer place to shop with face recognition solutions.

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