How facial recognition can boost the way the Travel & Tourism Industry operates

Facial recognition technology uses computer algorithms to identify people based on their unique facial features. It’s changing the way travel and tourism companies operate by being able to recognise customers, track employees, and even detect fraud.

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How can face recognition help?

The travel industry has obviously taken a global hit with the pandemic having halted any form of travel. As it now rides a wave of recovery, it could be said that any opportunity to improve operations, as well as safety and security, should be grabbed and maximised. Although not new to the industry, AI facial recognition is becoming a recognisable solution to add benefits to both operations and the guest experience.

We offer a solution in these areas:

  • Security and safety
  • Personalisation
  • Financial transactions
  • Data-driven service.

What can facial recognition do for the travel industry?

Safety & Security

Airport security can benefit by using facial recognition to verify a traveller’s identity in airports, follow Customs Department requirements, and protect international borders. In addition to this, it can provide levels of access for staff and/or guests to areas and amenities.

Another capability is facilitating the management of troublesome guests. When handling large numbers of people, the introduction of a person who has shown characteristics of being a threat to either security or other guests’ user experience can be detrimental. Once information is linked to a traveller of this character, it will make the situation easier to anticipate. Staff can assist the traveller so that a situation does not escalate.

In a time when travel history is important to aid in tracking pandemic patients, facial identification can be extremely useful in identifying potential points of contact.

Keeping a safe and secure environment for guests to enjoy their stay, as well as for staff to operate is essential to helping the travel industry to continue to operate and grow. Keeping track of criminal elements with early identification can be immensely helpful in preventing situations from escalating.

How hard is facial recognition to implement?

Our team at Eye-C are available for tech support and will help you with the simple integration of the software with your existing system. Our system is lightweight (in memory), accurate and can turn your current system into a smart system, operating with all the functionality of a world-class security and safety network.

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