How facial recognition is boosting the Travel & Tourism Industry – Part 2

Facial recognition technology uses computer intelligence to identify people based on their facial characteristics. It’s changing the way travel and tourism companies operate by being able to recognise customers, track employees, and even detect fraud. In this blog, we focus on the second area, how financial transactions can help the travel and tourism industry.

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How financial transactions are improved with face recognition in your travel business

How does face recognition help the travel and tourism industry boost its business? It does so in four areas, these are:

  • Security and safety
  • Financial transactions
  • Personalisation
  • Data-driven service.

What can facial recognition do for the travel industry?

Facial Recognition Software

Financial Transactions

In service-related businesses such as in the travel and tourism industry, the overall experience is affected by the payment system experience and how smoothly and swiftly the process unfolds.

When it comes to financial transactions, the experience is most often judged by how seamless and reliable the process is, and of course, how secure. With AI systems, the amount of participants involved in the payment process is reduced, saving time and fewer points for any anomalies to occur.

With facial recognition based-AI technology, it is possible to design a customer’s portfolio on the basis of their spending (O’Grady et al., 2009). With this information available, a better match of services can be offered to a customer to ensure that their stay is customised to their liking and, in doing so, increase customer satisfaction.

Everyone loves a discount. Especially if it comes without a condition. AI-based facial recognition technology can assess a guest’s satisfaction level and intention of visiting again. On the basis of the potential of a traveller returning, the face recognition system can carry out an automatic discount on the bill to further entice the guest to a repeat visit.

These themes and sub-themes have been developed and formulated through a three-step systematic approach.

“For instance, the first theme on personalization is conceptualized as Step 1: identify similar keywords from respondents’ statements: (i) “AI-based recognition can provide tailor-made and personalized choices”; (ii) “AI can absolutely transform different elements for privacy and personalization to accommodate the needs through multiplayer data system”; and (iii) “An ID proof and a photo can be asked while booking a hotel online, and the same can be used during check-in” (Kar & Kushwaha, 2021; Shyamasundar et al., 2021). Moreover, this technology can be integrated with connected services (IoT), where different services are billed to guests instantly or at a later time rather than spending time on paying for them at check-out. This process would be much more efficient during peak times, like festive seasons.”

Step 2: Form a meaningful statement: (i) understanding and optimizing traveller needs; (ii) specific offers; and (iii) value-based services.

Step 3: Combine all statements to form a final characteristic, that is, personalization. As you can see, these are facial recognition system characteristics which can aid businesses in personalising, and streamlining services to an increasingly segmented market of tourists. This means that the customer experiences a top quality stay and is likely to recommend and return to the destination.

How hard is facial recognition to implement?

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