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An Eye-C Difference

See the difference with Eye-C Face Recognition. Our software offers fast, efficient and precise results.
Our algorithm is one of the few to offer no racial and gender bias in its matching capacity.
Try the All-in-One face recognition system that is user friendly.

Facial Recognition Software


Use our solutions and search one billion face templates in under a second.


Our algorithm has class leading accuracy with a false match rate of less than 1 in 1,000,000.


The most practically efficient and accurate non-racial and non-gender biased algorithm available globally.

Eye-C delivers real-time and retrospective video analytics for face and object recognition, across fixed and mobile camera devices.

150+ million Face verifications per year
The only American made algorithm with practical speed and efficiency as well as top-tier accuracy, trusted by Tier 1 institutions globally.
100% Compatibility
Our solution works with ease on all major web browsers and operating systems, mobile and embedded devices, and IP camera types.
20% Better than the competition
Across all categories our algorithm performed 20% better than the next best algorithm as independently tested by NIST each quarter.

Read the latest update about the NIST quarterly results

No bias

Our accuracy is paramount, which is why our algorithm performs equally well across all ethnicities and genders.

Facial Recognition Software


Maintaining privacy while being accurate is important. Configure and use our software while maintaining compliance with GDPR, POPIA, PDPA, PDPB, and other data privacy laws and regulations.


Trust your solution to be accurate and efficient. Designed and developed in the USA, it is trusted by the United States Department of Defence and law enforcement agencies.

Trusted by:

US Department of Defence agencies, US Law Enforcement Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies and Credit Card Companies.

Face Recognition Solutions

Facial Recognition Software


Identify that it’s your client with 100% certainty

Fintech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance using technology and innovation to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.


Turn your video surveillance into a smart system

Using technology to monitor who is on your property or at your event with real-time recognition in a variety of conditions.
Facial Recognition Software


Eye-C’s algorithm can help assess customer patterns to help understand needs and boost sales

Acquire an understanding of customer buying needs and movements to take a more targeted approach in supplying those needs.

Government & Military

The fastest ways to identify persons of interest

The application of the technology used for keeping and ensuring the safety of citizens as well as in warfare and aiding the government in securing sensitive areas.
Facial Recognition Software

Law enforcement

Identify persons of interest while maintaining the privacy of persons around them

Use the software that helps improve safety and security in a number of instances. Also utilised as a resource to build investigative leads and success rates in criminal arrests by identifying persons of interest while ensuring the privacy of the people around them.

Consumer electronics

Personalised experiences that build brand loyalty

Eye-C is the industry leader in efficient face recognition software for mobile and embedded devices. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment, communications and recreation.

online shopping
brain scan


Improve patient care with contactless patient management

Healthcare technology is improving the lives of patients by individualizing treatment plans and making hospital processes more efficient.

Eye-C is the simple solution to integrating object and person recognition into your organisation

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