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Easy to embed and simple to use Face recognition to authenticate identity before carrying out a transaction.

Whether it be for customisation of your vehicle settings, access to sensitive information, financial transactions or a host of activities including your devices, the first step to interacting with a secure transaction is to validate someone’s identity online before that interaction.

Fintech Recognition Software

Smart device

Consumers expect their devices to know when they are present and acknowledge and interact accordingly.



Providing proof of identification, customisation and secure access for consumer devices.


World renowned

Eye-C provides industry-leading software for face recognition for the consumer electronics sector.

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Eye-C is the industry leader in efficient face recognition software for mobile and embedded devices. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment, communications and recreation.

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Enables contactless device unlock
Facial Recognition Software
Provides enterprise-grade face recognition on mobile
Facial Recognition Software
Offers seamless personalization
Use less computing resources and make sure your device is only unlocked when the authorised user is recognised.
Easily confirm identity for customisation of products and much more.
Facial Recognition Software
Ready to see how Eye-C can secure your devices with FR?

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Facial Recognition Software

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Ready to see how Eye-C can secure your devices with FR?