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Consumers are increasingly shifting their transactions to the online space. Banks and other financial enterprises have a growing need for identity verification that is easy to use to protect online assets and allow secure access to information.

Facial Recognition Software
Facial Recognition Software


Eye-C supports a variety of institutions by providing identity verification services to the banking and financial industry.

Facial Recognition Software


Precise identity verification with Eye-C using a seamless digital procedure that integrates effortlessly with devices.

Facial Recognition Software


With high accuracy, a smooth anti-spoof algorithm, and a small binary footprint, identification is carried out efficiently and quickly every time.

Protect your assets with Eye-C and get accurate authentication

Fintech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance using technology and innovation to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

How We Can Help

Validate IDs seamlessly

Comply with financial regulations

Detect fraudulent accounts

Prevent fraudulent business by adding face recognition as another layer of security.

Compare a selfie to an ID card photograph to validate a customer’s identity and assist verified transactions for the people transacting.

Make sure that recognised fraudsters are not opening accounts, and check that identity is not tied to multiple accounts.

Prevent fraudulent transactions

Facial Recognition Software

Protect your assets with Eye-C and get accurate authentication

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Facial Recognition Software

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Protect your assets with Eye-C and get accurate authentication.