Government  & Military

The fastest way to identify persons of interest while maintaining the privacy of the people around them.

The application of the technology used for keeping and ensuring the safety of citizens as well as in warfare and aiding the government in securing sensitive areas.
Facial Recognition Software
Facial Recognition Software


Leverage face recognition to protect sites, key locations, and conduct identity authentications.

Facial Recognition Software


Set up your security video to recognise threats and deliver real-time alerts.


Public Safety

Governments circling the globe aim to improve and empower the lives of their citizens through providing security and providing subsidies to the impoverished, so verifying an individual identity is critical to government agencies’ operation.

Protect your assets with Eye-C using lightweight, highly accurate authentication

Whether it be video camera surveillance in accidents, receiving notifications of disruptions, identity authentication to protect sensitive sites, controlling access in key locations, and handling a variety of identity needs and verifications, these are all key to carrying out tasks accurately and efficiently.

How We Can Help

Facial Recognition Software

Improve security at checkpoints and buildings

Issue ID cards, passports, and visas without fraud
Control access to sensitive systems
Facial Recognition Software
Perform on-edge face recognition (mobile or embedded device)
Prevent identity fraud during the handover of driver’s licenses, passports, or visas by using current databases in real-time.
Improve situational awareness by identifying threats to secure locations over a wide locale.
Validate the identities of persons passing through security points to protect sensitive locations.
Facial Recognition Software
Limit access to secure facilities and systems by authenticating identities non-invasively and efficiently when required.

Ensure proper identification for recipients of government subsidies to prevent corruption.

Detect known persons of interest in real-time from media feeds.
Facial Recognition Software

Protect your assets with Eye-C using lightweight, highly accurate authentication

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Facial Recognition Software

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Protect your assets with Eye-C using lightweight, highly accurate authentication.