Eye-C’s algorithm detects, analyses and reports on human behaviour

Effectively shrink shoplifting losses and understand your customer’s buying patterns.


Improved sales

Increase sales and deliver what your clients want by gaining an insight into customer foot traffic patterns and what areas are populated for what space of time in order to arrange the merchandise.

Early detection

Decrease your losses by utilising Eye-C’s algorithm to pick up nervous behaviour, to detect theft by sleight of hand and protect your bottom line.
Facial Recognition Software


The ROC SDK is simple to implement and easy to use. It provides a non-intrusive and accurate way to detect the age, emotion, gender, and race of a person.

See how Eye-C can upgrade your security and boost your sales.

This face analytics data helps retailers and restaurants to better understand their customers and broadcast personalised marketing messages and promotions. It also aids customer reward programs and discourages would-be shoplifters.

How We Can Help

Facial Recognition Software
Better understand your customer base
Detect and deter shoplifting
Facial Recognition Software
Customize and personalize promotions
Boost customer loyalty
Analyze marketing campaigns more effectively to determine ROI
Measure the age, emotion, gender, and race of a person to get a better demographic of your customers enabling you to deliver a more targeted experience for them to drive sales growth.
Use commodity hardware to improve gains by the detection of known shoplifters and fraudsters when they enter your store.
Know the foot traffic into your store and what departments they are visiting to leverage for marketing effectiveness, staffing efficiencies, store design, and gain analytical insight on the most popular products and brands.
Boost customer engagement and retention by recognizing VIP’s and customers the moment they walk in to deliver a customised experience.
Facial Recognition Software
Control access to authorised areas using face recognition by eliminating timecard fraud and buddy punching.
Facial Recognition Software
See how Eye-C can upgrade your security and boost your sales.

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Facial Recognition Software

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See how Eye-C can upgrade your security and boost your sales.