Why is the Tourism Industry turning to using face recognition technology? – Part 3

Face recognition technology has been used for many years by law enforcement agencies to identify suspects and criminals. Now, this same technology is being applied to other areas of life, including Tourism.

See how face recognition technology is aiding the tourism industry in the first two blogs in the series. Read more about benefits to Security and Safety, and Financial Transactions.

How can face recognition technology help?

The Travel and Tourism industry is beginning to recover its feet after the global pandemic of 2020 and its after-effects. As travel begins to pick up momentum, the Industry is looking for ways in which it can enhance its offerings to travellers to increasingly draw them to destinations.

Our face recognition technology can help the Industry with a resolution in these areas:

  • Security and safety
  • Personalisation
  • Financial transactions
  • Data-Driven Service.

What can face recognition do for the tourism industry?

face recognition technology in tourism personalisation


In recent years, face recognition technology has become more widely available. This means that companies such as Airbnb and Uber can now use facial-recognition software to help customers find their homes and cars. The needs of a traveller may range from the kind of transport they require to the speed of internet they need to their suite or other business requirements (Chang & Jung, 2017; Lehe, 2019). It is challenging for visitors and guests when they are in a rush while travelling to have time for some of the mandatory requirements they need to complete. Face recognition can help streamline the check-in process for guests like this, or to even authenticate without the need for photos and documentation.

Hoteliers use face recognition technology to make life easier for their staff. They can scan faces at the front desk and automatically send an email to the guest’s inbox when they arrive. Guests can then log in to their accounts using facial recognition technology. Business travellers also have a need for AI software to help keep them informed about changes and potential changes to their travel itinerary and plans. AI could conceivably notify travellers of origin and destination conditions and predict likely delays.

Face recognition technology is also being used by hotels to identify guests who check into their rooms. This allows them to quickly customise services offered to guests based on their activities and time spent in their rooms.

How difficult is it to implement face recognition?

Depending on your existing infrastructure, the difficulty will vary. The benefit of our face recognition systems is that it can be used on most browsers and has a wide variety of hardware compatibility. This means you will not have to spend an inordinate amount of money on extra equipment before you set your new smart system up.

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